Why Counselling

Why Counselling

Career Counselling is important because in today’s age there are so many options and opportunities available and students need help to make sense of it all. From thousands of available career options, many a time, the students are confused as to what to take and what not to. Thus there is a need for career guidance that will help students make informed decisions.

It is also important to match one’s vocation with one’s aptitude, interest, abilities and value and that is where career counselling is most helpful. Guidance at the right time will help individuals, families and societies at large.

One question that is often posed is- “What is the right time to seek guidance? During the school or during the 12th or during the entrance examination phase?”

The answer to this is, ‘as early as possible!’

With thousands of courses and college available today, it is highly recommended for students to seek expert guidance starting from grade 8th to plan their successful career roadmap.

One must seek counselling at least once in their life. This will not only guide them towards the right career path but also help them gain perspective on real-life scenarios.

Ms. Jayshree Sarda has conducted multiple workshops across various dimensions of counselling like:

● Counselling and Mentoring Skills
● Trust Building and Problem Solving
● Soft Skills, Stress Management and Counselling
● Communication Skills training
● Workshops on Assertiveness

“Coaching and Counselling appeals to me as it empowers people to help themselves become the best version of themselves and to flourish in life.” – Ms. Jayshree Sarda

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